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Leroy Hamm

Leroy Hamm
Leroy Hamm is President of IHD Corporation. Founded in 1987, IHD Corp. is a premier human resources services firm which provides pre-employment assessments and management and team development seminars and programs. Leroy has provided training for companies and organizations such as Borden, Delta Airlines, Boeing Aircraft, Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, General Mills, FedEx, Trane, Centex and Coors Distributing. In addition to working with Fortune 500 companies, Leroy specializes in developing benchmarks and working with commercial construction companies.

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Why Your Sales Approach May Be Failing

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 16, 2018 10:47:00 AM / by Leroy Hamm posted in Construction Leaders, CLN Conference, Tucson, Arizona, Sharing, Learning, Building

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Please enjoy this blog written by guest author, Leroy Hamm. Leroy is the President of IHD Corporation which specializes in pre-employment screening and testing, employee assessments, and management training. IHD Corporation is an inaugural member and sponsor of CLN. In addition to presenting his research and findings at the annual CLN Conference each year, Leroy provides valuable resources available in the members only e-forum.

Why Your Sales Approach May Be Failing

Have you ever noticed that you have chemistry with some people, yet your relationship with others is awkward at best? When my brother, who oversaw sales and marketing for Sherwin Williams Co. for 34 years, was asked why he thought people "bought," he said, "For the most part, I buy from people I like."

It only makes sense that the success or failure of a salesperson in selling to a prospective client is the result of their knowledge of people as well as their knowledge of the product. Mistakes in this "relational" area are made every day and often without the salesperson even knowing the real reason for losing the sale.

Understanding the basic differences in others can make a big difference in how you relate to your clients. Assuming that "one size fits all" puts you at a disadvantage with your competition who may have learned how to adjust their negotiating style to work effectively with others to get what they want.

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