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Free Employee Assessments Offered at the Upcoming CLN Conference

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Stephanie Schmidt


Leroy Hamm | IHD CorporationConstruction Leadership Network Member, Leroy Hamm, is President of IHD Corporation, a leader in pre-screening and personnel development. The 30-year-old HR services firm provides pre-employment assessments, management and team development programs.

Exclusive Offer for Conference Attendees

Leroy is extending a free offer to all CLN Conference attendees who are not yet clients: a free Achiever Assessment. The purpose of the DISC II and Achiever Assessment System is to identify job-related characteristics, such as the level of organization, assertiveness, communication style and mental alertness. It also identifies whether or not the employee has learned to modify or manage his/her natural temperament. The DISC II and Achiever is used in sales and lower-to-mid level management. 

Take this opportunity to measure your employees':
• temperament
• mental aptitudes and
• job-related personality characteristics.

Learn how each and every employee fits into your team (or doesn't).

Used By Top Business Leaders

IHD Corporation AssessmentsA few of the companies who have either attended Leroy's seminars or used his services: Arby's, Blockbuster Entertainment, Borden Milk, Boeing Aircraft, Braums, Cendant, Chili's, Clarke Products, Coca Cola, Columbia Medical Center, Compass Bank, Coors Distributing Co., Delta Airlines, Federal Express, Frito-Lay, Frymire Engineering Co., Kroger, McDonald's, and Staubach Company.


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Stephanie Schmidt

Written by Stephanie Schmidt

President, Poole Anderson Construction and Principal, Construction Leadership Network, State College, Pennsylvania