How to Use the CLN eDocs Module

Who is this tutorial for? Registered members of the Construction Leadership Network.

The Construction Leadership Network eDocs Module enables members to upload, search, view, and delete files in a variety of popular formats, and the  Folders Module allows members to create, rename, move, or delete folders.

The feature set of these modules allows users to:

  • Upload files
  • Download files
  • Delete files you have uploaded
  • View file information
  • View image thumbnails
  • Search by file name in specific folder
  • Search by file name in any folder (global search)
  • Sort from A to Z or from Z to A
  • Create folders and sub-folders, move, rename, and delete them

Most popular file formats are supported including, but not limited to:

  • Images in jpg and png formats
  • PDF files
  • Word (Doc and Docx) files
  • Excel files

Note on file size: There is no "hard stop" limit on the size of files that you can upload, however large file sizes will take longer to view, upload, and download.


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Instructions on How to Use the e-Docs Module

light-bulb-idea.pngTIP: Use e-Docs to click on any folder to reveal the files or sub-folders included in that folder.


1. How to Upload a File

Begin by clicking the “Upload File” button.


  1. Select a folder
  2. Select a file
  3. Describe what the file is about
  4. Click "Upload"

TIP: Please be sure to name your file carefully. Using intuitive file names will allow members to find your files by viewing or searching. You may want to rename your file(s) before uploading. Additionally, you may want to consider posting a message in the eForum to let members know that you have uploaded an important or useful document for them to access.

NOTE: The folders have been created by the site administrator. If you would like to add a file that requires the addition of a new folder, please contact Stephanie Schmidt at s[email protected].


How to upload a file to the ConstructionLeadership Network eDocs module
2. How to Delete a File

Construction Leadership Network eDocs Module allows you to delete any file that you’ve upload. You cannot, however, delete files other members have uploaded.

To delete a file, click on the file’s “gear” icon.

How to Delete a File in the CLN Colab site


3. How to Tag a File to Your “Favorites” Folder

Adding a file to your Favorites folder enables you to easily relocate files you or others have uploaded.

To add or remove a file from your Favorites folder, simply check or uncheck the star icon on any file thumbnail.

How to add a file to your Favorites folder on the CLN colab site




Instructions on How to Use the Folder Module

The Folder Module allows you to create a folder hierarchy up to three levels deep, e.g. the "parent folder," one or more "level 1" sub-folders, and if needed, one or more "level 2" sub-folders. 



1. How to Create a Folder

  1. From Dashboard, click Folder List


  1. Click +Add Folder


  1. Enter Folder Name
  2. Enter Folder Description (Do not select drop down)


You now can use e-Docs to upload files to your new folder.


2. How to Create a Sub-Folder

  1. Click "+Add Folder"
  2. Use dropdown to select a "parent" folder or a "level 1" sub-folder. You will be creating a sub-folder under the folder you select
  3. Select a folder or sub-folder from the list

You may create up to 2 levels of sub-folders, e.g., Focus Group Presentations > 2018 > My Focus Group



3. How to Move a Sub-Folder

You can move a sub-folder you created to reside under any other folder or a "level 1" sub-folder. There are some parameters for moving folders:

  • You can move an empty sub-folder or one that contains files
  • You cannot move a sub-folder that contains one or more sub-folders
  • You cannot move or edit any attributes of a folder or sub-folder you did not create


  1. Make sure you are in the "Folder List" page
  2. Click a folder icon that contains the sub-folder you want to move


  1. Make sure you are seeing the sub-folder you want to move
  2. Click the pencil icon
  3. Use the drop down to select your new destination folder. 
  4. Click "Submit"


4. How to Delete a Folder or Sub-folder

You may delete an empty folder or sub-folder you created simply by clicking the trash can icon. If the folder or sub-folder contains files, you first must delete the files, then delete the empty folder.