How to Use the CLN eForum Module

Who is this tutorial for? Registered members of the Construction Leadership Network.

The Construction Leadership Network eForum Module enables members to maintain an active, collaborative forum, sharing posts and comments exclusively among the members of the Construction Leadership Network.

The module affords the following features:

  • User-selected notifications. Select which kind of posts you’d like to receive email notifications for.
  • The ability to follow a thread. By marking a thread as a “favorite,” the thread will be easier to follow.
  • A floating composer. Read while you write. No need to click “preview” because you’ll see what you write as you write it.
  • Touch optimized. Fully responsive with big buttons, smooth animations, and gestures.
  • Swipe gestures. Swipe a discussion to the left to bring up more controls.
  • Fast and lightweight. No long waits for posts to load.


1. How to Set Notifications

Setting email notifications should be your first step in using the forum. Notifications will be sent to your email address listed in the membership directory.

TIP: To receive an email if anyone posts a new topic, please be sure to check the notifications option labeled: Someone posts a new discussion.

TIP: If you're not receiving email notifications, be sure to check other email folders, such as your “junk” email folder, and set your email software to mark these notifications "not junk." If using Gmail, moving any forum notification email to your "inbox" will enable all new messages to arrive in your inbox. 

CLN eForum notifications

2. How to Like, Reply, Edit, or Delete posts.

 Select a post and hover with your mouse to reveal the hidden menu; this menu will display automatically on touch-screen devices.

Note: You only have the ability to delete posts you have written.

How to like, reply, edit, or delete posts on the CLN eForum

3. Optional: How to Add Fancy Formatting

The following functions are entirely optional but, for those who want to take the extra time, can add a lot of flare to a post.

How to insert an image:

To keep load time fast and lightweight, this forum and many other forums don’t natively host images. But no worries, you can insert images hosted elsewhere in just a few easy steps. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and create a free logon.
  2. Upload an image file.
  3. Hover over the image and select, “Get share links.”
  4. Choose the selection shown in the screenshot below, then paste into your eForum post.


How to style text in posts:

This forum supports “BBCode.” BBCode is a lightweight, basic formatting code for fast-loading forums.

Here’s the help page: BBCode support.


  1. Enter: This text is [b]bold[/b].  >>> Result: This text is bold.
  2. Enter: This text is in [color=red]red[/color]. >>> ResultThis text is in red.