Member Directory

Peer-to-Peer collaboration is a great way to share ideas and lessons learned. CLN's membership includes construction companies varying in size and geography, but with the common goal of improving themselves and the industry through collaboration and sharing. Use CLN’s Member Directory to connect or partner with Members with specific expertise, or in a particular market segment. There's a wealth of knowledge among CLN members and they are willing to share with you!

CLN e-Forum

The CLN eForum is an automated email discussion group for interactive conversations with your peers.  The eForum is a members-only benefit and is designed to improve communication among like-minded individuals, offer a forum for exchanging ideas and thoughts, and provide answers to questions and challenges faced by many fellow members. CLN members with email or web access can participate in the eForum.
CLN e-Docs

Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to?  The Construction Leadership Network e-Docs contains documents created and used by other CLN members.  Login to see what your peers are using to help them keep their projects on-time and within budget, get new business and manage their employees. While you are there, why not upload the forms, policies, manuals and spreadsheets you have created to help you succeed.  Files are sorted into categories such as: Business Development, PreConstruction; Project Execution, Managing Employees, Running Your Business and other categories.

Annual Conference Discounts

Members come together each year to learn and share through intensive focus groups, peer ground roundtables, keynote speakers and panel discussions. Deals are made, joint ventures are planned and life-long relationships are created among Members from throughout North America. Conferences are held throughout the U.S., usually in major cities. Members received discounted conference fees.

Free Access to Annual Benchmark Survey Data

Participating CLN members will have free access to the annual financial and statistical survey and annual salary survey benchmark data. This data helps members assess how their company compares to similarly-sized industry peers within their region. Members can effectively evaluate and initiate best practices and transform change within their companies based upon real-world data.