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Explore the Benefits of Becoming a Member

The Construction Leadership Network (CLN) was formed on the principal of bringing together top construction entrepreneurs and their key personnel to exchange ideas and share best practices to improve the industry, themselves, and their organizations.
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Annual Meetings Reinforce the Win-Win Approach

Annual meetings are held where members have the opportunity to exchange information, share both successes and lessons learned, and form lifelong relationships with like-minded construction professionals.  
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Online Community Tools Keep Members In Touch

This sharing, learning and winning environment continues throughout the year with the Member e-Forum, an automated email discussion group facilitating interactive conversations with peer members, and the e-Docs, a document library of forms, policies, manuals, and other important resources shared by member companies to help each other succeed.
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Supporting Our Young Professionals

The CLN recognizes that by addressing the concerns of our Young Professionals, our organization and the overall success of our industry is strengthened. With this in mind, the CLN has created programming that speaks to the specific needs and concerns of our Young Professionals.