The Construction Leadership Network was developed as an organization of construction industry experts who willingly and ethically participate in sharing personal and corporate knowledge and intellectual property for the betterment of their own organizations as well as those of others within the network. The information that is shared may be sensitive in nature to the participants and representative companies, thereby it is a requirement of all to treat each other with mutual respect and agree that the information gained will not be used in any form to willfully and knowingly harm and or disparage those who have shared this information.

Each member pledges in good faith to withhold to the standards set forth as knowing and willing participants in CLN. If such standards are found violated by either an individual or company, whether by membership or attendance to an event, the advisory committee reserves the right to review the issue and subjectively determine if the violation will require termination from the Network. The advisory committee will only review issues resulting from network activities.

Reasons for review and termination from CLN:

  1. Knowingly using information gained through CLN to intentionally harm or slander a member or company with potential clients.
  2. Copying or paraphrasing information received from a competitor to intentionally use against them.
  3. Acts of collusion where two or more companies strategize on competitive opportunities to exclude another member.
  4. Attempts to hire a participating company’s talent through CLN in any way.
  5. Sharing another member’s proprietary information with a non-member. CLN members shall endeavor to keep confidential all proprietary information made available to them through the CLN and pledge to share such information only within the Network.

Should an issue be determined as a cause for termination, there will be no refund from CLN for either joining the network or attending the events. Should no action be taken by the advisory committee, and the reviewed party decide to leave the network at their own will, there will be no refund for joining the network or attending its events. All decisions by the committee shall be final.